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Stand Out or Blend In-Picking Your Colors

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

A set of polywood adirondack chairs in a spectrum of colors.
Poly Lumber HDPE furniture can open the floodgates of color choice.

Playing around with different colors and designs to turn backyards into a place for relaxation has become a significant trend among homeowners. Turning a boring yard into a cozy space for reflection and relaxation is a much-needed step to escape our otherwise ordinary lives.

Where some are playing with colors and designs, others are experimenting with furniture to turn their yards into dedicated spaces for fun. And we're all for it. This little space can easily become your safe haven, from enjoying fall to reading a good book while sipping coffee.

The thought of owning such a space sounds rousing, but it demands lots of the right decisions to actually have it. Speaking of which, color schemes are the hardest to choose as they reflect your personal style and knack for creativity.

Picking the right furniture shades while protecting the space's vibe is a daunting task. However, that is what we're here for. This article will cover things you'll need to know while making decisions for the space. So, let's begin.

Picking the Right Color of Furniture for Your Outdoor Space

Placing weather-proof furniture in your yard doesn't necessarily mean restricting yourself to basic neutral tones. In fact, following a specific color scheme or an already existing theme can make your space stand out. Choosing the right furniture might seem like a tough decision (which it is), but we are here to help.

Furniture's Material

A white polywood garden bench.
White outdoor furniture is flexible - it can stand out or blend in as needed.

Since the furniture is meant to be used outdoors, it's crucial to pick a weather-proof, strong, and durable material. Some of the best options are offered as Poly Lumber, or Marine Grade Polymer (MGP). These materials are highly dense, which means that your furniture would have properties such as compressive solidity, stiffness, and sheer strength. Poly Lumber is made from recycled plastic, so the furniture would also be sun & waterproof. Leisure Lawns, Breezesta, and TCI have some fantastic material alternatives for your outdoor furniture. Hop on their websites and check them out.

Furniture’s Shade

Colors have a substantial impact on how we feel. They also tend to express our unique sense of style. Therefore, choosing a perfect shade is as important as choosing the furniture itself.

We've all heard 'less is more' in all aspects of our lives, right? Well, this stands true for many things in life, but MGP furniture understands your urge to go a little "extra" with colors. Just choose a central color/theme and follow it throughout.

Breezesta offers a wide range of tropical, earthy, and primary colors that you can mix and match. Leisure Lawn offers endless possibilities of combinations with nineteen unique poly shades and various two-tone color options that you can play around with. All you need to do is pick the furniture type, choose the frame shade, and combine different colors for seats and back slats.

A series of HDPE color combinations.
Color combinations can help to define your outdoor area's style.

Color Contrasting and Combinations

Most people prefer following a theme they already have in their home’s exterior for their yards which is a great way to go about it. After all, extending the interior to your patio is always appreciated for giving the appeal of an organized and planned space. Using a different shade of the same color is also quite popular.

Nevertheless, contrasting and combining different shades opens room for creativity and is another possibility you might want to consider for your yard’s furniture. For instance, if your house has shades of green, then dark brown furniture would perfectly complement your space.

However, if your house is light-colored/neutral, adding hints of orange or yellow will brighten up your yard. If you’re color-shy, maybe adding a pop of salmon back chair with the neutral shaded furniture will bring the look together. Don’t hold yourself back, and go wild with endless possibilities of combinations.

Concept a Theme

The definition of a perfect relaxing outdoor space is different for everyone. While some would define it as a spacious natural area, others would like to toy around with various themes such as coastal, bohemian, or beachy. If you have a concept in mind that you’re following throughout your house, that’s perfect. But if you’re not, making your patio stand out isn’t that outlandish.

Let’s assume you’re following a neutral theme in your house with primary earthy colors such as whites, browns, and greens. You don’t have to continue the exact theme for your yard. Maybe your idea of relaxation is a beach. So, giving your patio a beach theme wouldn’t harm anyone. At the end of it all, it depends on what you want and what your idea of comfort is. It’s all about feelings, vibes, and energy.

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