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Meet Our Team

Our Team brings a wealth of experience from a variety of indoor and outdoor design industries


Co-owner of Tropicraft Patio and part-time horticulturist and designer. Zofia joined the outdoor furniture industry alongside Bruce and turned her lifelong passion for outdoor design into her new professional field. With her knowledge of landscaping and the greenest thumb since Kermit the Frog, she is truly a master of her craft. Wondering how to best match your flagstone patio to your hedge row, or which flowers could complement your new cantilever umbrella? Zofia is always happy to explain the possibilities and help you to relax in the backyard of your dreams. Be ready to take notes - class is in session!


Fashionista, consummate professional, and Rosie the Riveter all rolled into one woman. Paula's eye for outdoor design and display keeps our guests happy on the store floor, and her management and support skills keep Tropicraft Patio's warehouse and delivery crews operating like a well-oiled machine. Managing the logistics of Philadelphia's biggest, best-stocked outdoor furniture store is no easy task but her mastery of management and organization keeps the furniture moving, and keeps our beloved guests lounging in luxury at home.


Co-owner of Tropicraft Patio, soufflé lover, and Philadelphia native. Bruce took an interest in high-end patio & outdoor furniture in the mid-1990's. Bruce's eye for design is matched only by his dedication to friends, family, and his business savvy. Since moving Tropicraft to its current location at the historic Ardmore Theater, Bruce has his work cut out for him as the business' increased space also allows for the best, biggest outdoor furniture selection that the store has ever been able to host. Keeping up with our customers and furniture industry trends is a full-time job, so specializing in outdoor furniture helps him to stay at the top of his game.

Delivery Staff

Cool, courteous, and unerringly professional. Our delivery and installation specialists are always on hand for deliveries to customers from Philadelphia, PA and nearby suburbs and as far away as the Jersey Shore and beyond! From simple delivery of your outdoor sectional or dining set, to a full, top-to-bottom installation of your new favorite cantilever umbrella, our delivery staff arranges your Tropicraft outdoor furniture & accessories to your liking, perfectly, every single time.


Formally trained as an artist and setting designer, Chloe has put her skills to use by helping our customers to create perfect outdoor arrangements to fit their needs. No matter the size of the patio or balcony, no matter the space or furniture needs, inspiration for outdoor décor tends to strike Chloe like a bolt of lightning. Not one to be limited to the world of patio furniture, she channels her passion for creativity and textiles into her hobbies. You may see some of her cuddly creations decorating Tropicraft Patio!

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