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Resin Items by Ratana

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Resin wicker as outdoor furniture has been an obvious choice amongst various outdoor space designers because of its contemporary styles and wide range of colors. It is prized for its comfort, economics, lightweight, durability, and ease of cleaning. A lovely set of resin wicker items expands your outdoor space and can extend your house's theme to its deck, patio, porch or balcony.

The elastic fibers of synthesized wicker are turned into patterns to create many items and furniture pieces, including baskets, boxes, couches, tables, chairs, etc. Traditionally, the material used for making such furniture includes hemp, rattan, and even the inner bark of trees.

Resin is a modern substance that provides enough resistance against sunlight, rain, and pet depredations - it is comparatively far sturdier than traditional organic fibers used for weaving wicker furniture.

Ratana offers resin wicker items that are perfect as a synthetic-friendly alternative. They have some fantastic pieces for you to create a coastal look in your yard. This blog post will take a closer look at the items/collections that can bring out the aesthetics of your space.

Without further ado, let's begin!

List of Resin Wicker Items that can bring out the aesthetics of your space: 2022

Coral Gables Sofa

A resin wicker sectional and easy chair, with tables.
Ratana's Coral Gables resin wicker can fit in anywhere that stones are found.

From its unique designs to colors, Ratana's sofa collection is impeccable. Their coral sofas have taken over the market for their one-size-fits-all approach. The neutral color and classic design would bring out the vibe of your space. You can also add a few other furniture pieces to bring the look together. Its medium-high back frame with reticulated foam cushions would ensure that you're comfortable while basking in the sun. To top it all off, you can pick the color/pattern of your choice from Sunbrella outdoor fabrics, for maximum creativity. This item is easily one of the best for anyone looking to play with their outdoor space.

Portfino Lounger

Ratana's resin wicker Portfino outdoor lounger with grey finish and cushion.
Never underestimate the value of a plush outdoor lounger.

Loungers are another necessity in many outdoor spaces. While not all people prefer having this furniture piece in their yards, it can enhance the ambience of your otherwise bare space while allowing you to stretch out like cats. One can never really go wrong with adjustable items that also give the added benefit of comfort and style. Loungers can also add that pop of color to brighten up your yards. However, neutrals are always there to rescue you if you're color-shy, just like this Portfino Adjustable piece. Its resin wicker material will give you the long-term benefits of stability and durability. Take a cocktail in one hand and a book in another, and enjoy the much-needed vitamin D in your comfy Portfino lounger.

Coffee Table

A grey, resin wicker coffee table with glass top.
Miami Lakes by Ratana - resin wicker, glass, and style.

Sectionals work best with a table accompaniment, and are well suited to both round and squared options. Ratana offers a unique and wide range of resin-wicker tables that would go perfectly with any look you have in mind, whether it's Bohemian or Coastal. All-weather resin wicker tables add a breezy touch to your overall space. Designs, frames, colors, and patterns - everything is exquisite. Coffee tables work well with wedged sofas and sectionals. Table shapes can easily make or break your look, so be picky about your style and theme. We'd recommend choosing a table of different patterns/frames from your sofa's/loungers. That way, each one of your furniture pieces will stand out.

High Back Chair

High-back chairs are quite trendy these days for indoors as well as outdoors. Adding one such piece to your outdoor space can bring a rustic, country-style feel to your yard. You can also put it on your balcony to add a nice pop of color. Resin wicker high-back chairs with soft cushions is a good seating option if you don't have ample space for sofas, tables, and loungers. The chairs are made of thick & sturdy frames with polyethene covering and are customizable. The designs, colors, and cushion fabric come in various options. We'd recommend picking a bright fabric for the cushions so your space is not all dull-and-gloomy.


Creating a cohesive design requires adding pieces that match your existing scheme. A wicker ottoman can be a fantastic furniture piece to bring all your theme, color, and design together. These little stylish, cozy, and elegant pieces make all the difference. Sit back, put your feet up on these comfy ottomans, and relax while reading a book or indulging in your self care time. That's not all; the unique frames covered with high-density polyethene make these items aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Final Words…

Ratana is one of the leading resin wicker furniture manufacturers with their latest designs, cool color scheme, and wide range of options to choose from. Pick at least one of our listed items, and we assure you won't be disappointed.

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