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How to Choose the Right Size Outdoor Umbrella

Garden market umbrella

Outdoor umbrellas are a great way to block the sun’s rays and keep your outdoor area comfortable. They can also add an attractive touch of color and style to your outdoor area. However, choosing the right size outdoor umbrella for your space can be tricky. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of outdoor umbrellas and how to determine what size is best for you.

Types of Outdoor Umbrellas

Patio Umbrellas:

Patio umbrellas are perfect for any outdoor area, such as patios, decks, and balconies. These umbrellas often have an aluminum pole with a wooden or fiberglass rib system. The size of patio umbrellas can range from 6 feet to 10 feet in diameter, and you can choose between a manual or crank-style lift system.

Market Umbrellas:

Market umbrellas, also known as beach umbrellas, are great for smaller spaces such as patios and decks. These large umbrellas are typically 7-8 feet in diameter and have a heavy-duty construction. They are great for areas that need a lot of shade or wind protection since they tend to be more stable than patio umbrellas.

Offset Patio Umbrellas:

Offset patio umbrellas, also known as cantilever umbrellas, are perfect for small patios or decks where you don’t have a lot of room. These umbrellas are attached to the pole with a cantilever arm, allowing you to move the umbrella around in any direction you need. The size of offset patio umbrellas can range from 8 feet to 13 feet in diameter, so they can provide a large amount of shade for your outdoor area.

How to Choose the Right Size Outdoor Umbrella

  • When choosing the right size outdoor umbrella for your space, it’s important to measure the area first. This will help you determine what size umbrella will fit best in your outdoor area.

  • You should also consider wind protection and stability when deciding on the size of your outdoor umbrella. If you live in an area with strong winds, a larger umbrella is usually more stable and secure.

  • When selecting the right size outdoor umbrella, you should also consider how many people you need to cover with the umbrella. This will help determine the diameter of the umbrella so that everyone is comfortable under it.

  • Finally, think about style and color when choosing your outdoor umbrella. There are many different types of designs and colors available, so you should choose one that will fit in with the overall look of your outdoor area.

Table Sizes and Umbrellas go hand in hand

Square or Rectangular? If you have a square or rectangular table, opt for an appropriately sized square or rectangular umbrella. Square umbrellas can range from 7' to 13' on each side, while rectangular umbrellas are usually 9'-13' long by 6'-10' wide. The best way to ensure you’re choosing the correct size is to measure your table before purchasing your umbrella.

Round/Octagonal? Round/octagonal umbrellas are perfect for round tables with seating for four or fewer people. These typically range in size from 7'-9' in diameter, so measure your table before buying one. Remember that it is always better to choose an umbrella that is slightly larger than what your table requires, as it will provide more coverage and protection from the elements.

Larger Tables? For larger tables seating 6-10 guests, we recommend using larger octagonal umbrellas measuring between 11'-13' in diameter. These will provide ample shade and coverage for larger groups of people without being overwhelming or taking up too much space on your patio or decking area. Additionally, these large umbrellas will require a slightly bigger hole size when installed into your table - usually 1 3/8" - 2 1/2".

Cantilever Umbrella

The Bottom Line:

Choosing the right size outdoor umbrella doesn't have to be difficult! All you need to do is take measurements of your furniture and decide how many people you want it to cover; then you’ll be able to pick out the perfect fit! At Tropicraft Patio, we offer a wide selection of quality outdoor umbrellas from Treasure Garden and Sun Garden so that no matter what size or style you are looking for, we have something for everyone! Contact us today if we can help you find the perfect outdoor umbrella for your needs!


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