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Dining Tables - What Size To Choose? 5 Factors to Consider

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

When it comes to dining tables, size definitely matters. But what is the right size dining table for your needs? There are many factors to consider before you make a purchase, including the number of people who will be using the table, the type of dining set-up you want, and the amount of finished outdoor space available. In this article, we will discuss 6 things to keep in mind when choosing a dining table size. Let's get started!

5 Factors To Consider When Choosing Dining Table Size

1. How Many People Will Be Using The Table Regularly

If you have a large family or entertain often, you will need a table that can comfortably seat at least eight people. However, a smaller table will suffice if you have a smaller family or rarely entertain guests.

Teak hardwood dining table with teak & sling folding chairs.
Royal Teak's Family dining table expands to satisfy families of any size.

Remember that you don't always need a table that seats eight people. If you have a smaller outdoor dining area, a smaller table will fit its proportions nicely. Moreover, if you only entertain on special occasions, then you can get away with a smaller table that can be easily expanded when necessary.

2. The Type Of Dining Set-Up You Want

Do you want a casual eating area? An outdoor bar? This will help to determine the size and shape of the table or furniture that you need. For example, a rectangular table is better suited for a formal dining experience with individual plated meals, while a round table is ideal for a shared eating experience that allows family and guests to dine family-style.

Additionally, the type of dining set-up you want will help determine the table's size. For example, a smaller table is best if you want a more intimate setting. However, if you entertain large groups often, you will need a larger table or expanding table to accommodate everyone.

3. Shape And Size Of Your Finished Outdoor Dining Area

The shape and size of your dining area will play a major role in choosing the right size dining table for your needs. If you have a large dining area, then you have more flexibility when choosing a table. However, if you have a smaller dining area or mixed-use space, then you will need to be more selective about the size and shape of the table you choose.

Resin wicker dining chairs around a dining table/fire pit combo.
TCI's Nova Scotia fire pit & dining table combo. Perfect for mixed dining & conversation.

Here's how you can make a decision keeping the shape and size in mind:

  • Choose a rectangular or oval table if you have a large outdoor dining area.

  • A round or square table is best if your dining area is small or mixed-use.

  • Remember that many models of outdoor dining table are extendable, opening up seats for more guests in a pinch.

4. Your Budget

Of course, your budget will also play a role in determining the right size dining table for your needs. If you have a limited budget, you may need to settle for a smaller table or lower-cost materials. In contrast, if you're willing to invest in furniture that will last more than a decade, then you should splurge on a bigger and better table.

Keep in mind that the dining table size and material are not the only things that affect the price. The style and brand will also play a role in how much you end up spending.

5. The Style Of The Table

The style of the table can also play a role in the size you choose. For example, a traditional dining table will be larger than a contemporary one of the same size. Apart from that, an extendable dining table will be larger than a non-extendable dining table when its optional length is used.

Eight aluminum & sling dining tables surrounding a seaside aluminum dining table.
Cabana Coast by Millcroft - seating for eight, comfort & style for years.

Extendable tables are great if you often entertain or have a large family, as they can be easily expanded to accommodate more people. On the other hand, non-extendable tables are ideal for smaller areas and mixed-use areas, as they take up less room.


When choosing the right size dining table, there are a few key factors you'll want to keep in mind. By considering the size of your outdoor dining area, the number of people you typically entertain, and how you like to use your space, you can narrow down your options and find the perfect fit.

Lastly, there are a plethora of dining tables on the market, therefore, it can be confusing to pick one. Make sure to do your research and go with a table that fits your needs and budget.

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