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5 Best Deck Layout Ideas

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

A deck is one of the most versatile spaces in a home. Depending on how and what you decide to furnish it with, you can turn this little outdoor space into one that is fit for anything. The same deck can go from being a luscious garden to a nook perfect for intimate family barbecues with just a little bit of tweaking. Similarly, a small deck that had primarily been designed as an outdoor dining area can be easily transformed into a cozy reading corner. In short, when it comes to decks, the possibilities are virtually endless!

A series of aluminum rocking chairs on a wooden deck.
Need a deck layout plan? We can help!

This article will explore the many ways an outdoor deck can be furnished and transformed into the stuff of your dreams. Here are six best deck layout ideas for your very own Pinterest-able deck.

5 Best deck layout ideas

As we mentioned before, outdoor decks have a ton of potential. With just a few switches here and there, these spaces can be completely transformed to suit different purposes. Let’s take a look at how you can use lookout and furnishing to either construct yourself a new deck or give your existing one a big makeover.

1. Turn your deck into a picturesque vista

Resin wicker sofa and chair, near to a fire pit on a wooden deck.
Embrace style along with function.

If you are lucky enough to have your house facing a beautiful view, we recommend that you take full advantage of it. Instead of cluttering your deck with a thousand different pieces of furniture, maintain a spacious look by investing in one statement piece. For this, our favorite choice will always be a full-family sectional or a fire pit & seating set that faces the view in question.

The sectional, seating set, or whatever large piece of furniture you have chosen to adorn your deck will provide you with a place to sit and relax without obstructing the gorgeous view. You can also throw in a bistro table and a couple of chairs placed on either side of it for added comfort. This setting will make the perfect vista for you to rest in at the end of the day and enjoy the sunset.

2. Host small family barbecues on your deck

Three people smiling and barbequing.
A family barbeque is always in season.

We have all heard that families who play together stay together. There is no better deck layout option for close-knit families that enjoy frequent quality time with each other than one meant for small family barbecues.

All you need is a complementing dining set according to your family size, a good quality grill, and perhaps a sofa for added comfort. For large families, we recommend getting a traditional nine-piece dining set. But if yours is a small family, you can get away with a simple two-person bistro set or small dining table, as well.

3. Make your deck a personal retreat for yourself.

Three adirondack chairs and a grill on a covered patio.
An outdoor fireplace and a covered deck for all-season relaxation.

Another fantastic use of an outdoor deck is by making it a cozy corner for you to relax in during your free time. This works especially great for smaller decks that are difficult to convert into one of the two options discussed above. Even the tiniest of decks can make a gorgeous personal retreat.

We recommend furniture that doesn’t take up all the space for those with smaller decks. When your deck is fully furnished, ensure that you still have some room to walk around or lay down a small yoga mat. A simple L-shaped sectional and a small conversation table are enough for this setup. And if you feel like something is missing afterward, you can always throw in a lounge chair that adds a comfortable, sun-friendly feel to the whole thing.

4. Transform your deck into a welcoming space for any casual hangout

Four thick-cushion resin wicker chairs, surrounding a fire pit.
A proper layout turns ordinary into extraordinary.

In addition to making your deck a relaxing nook for yourself, a few fixes here and there will also make it the perfect place to host casual company. Trust us, your friends and family will love tea time or after-dinner drinks at your house with a beautiful deck!

For this, add some deep-seated chairs to the mix discussed in the above setup for a personal retreat. All-weather coolers and sculptures, such as those available at Tropicraft Patio.

5. Make mealtime a real treat with a beautiful dining area on your deck.

Four party-goers enjoying food at an outdoor table.
Outdoor dining in style isn't just possible - it's here.

Lastly, you can choose to use your deck as an outdoor dining area. This is an especially good idea if your house is on the smaller side and does not have enough space to put a dining table indoors. In these cases, investing in a dining piece that goes out on the deck is quite the smart move.

With a cozy bistro dining set out on the deck, you can have romantic date nights right in the comfort of your own home. If your family is bigger, then you can opt for four-, six-, or eight-person traditional seating to make the most of your new outdoor family paradise.

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